Mistakes beginner photographers can easily avoid

photography mistakes

Photography is a dying art. It’s expensive, underappreciated, and yet we can’t get enough of it. If you are a beginner, welcome. We hope you have a wonderful journey.

And the first step in doing that, is to familiarize yourself with the mistakes all beginners make. The sooner you get them out of the way, the faster you can focus on growing as a photographer, maybe even a professional one.

Start with lighting

photography lighting mistakes

Most beginners we know just fell into photography. Usually, the same way – event photography. For instance, if you bought your first camera, a relative may have asked you to take pictures of a birthday. Here’s the problem, most events are indoors and have poor lighting.

So, go to places where there are already great light sources. One less thing to worry about as a beginner. It can be nature, like parks. Or large places with huge windows (like train stations, libraries, churches). Or, go the other way. For example, casinos may be the best lit places to practice. Plus, you can get some free spins on your way out.


photography focus mistakes

You and your camera. You have heard a dozen and one tips for sharper photographs. And that’s good. Like using a tripod and upping the ISO. These are great secondary steps. But as your first action as a photographer., learn manual focus. Your camera will screw up again and again. Not every time but a lot. So, in this case, you should really go for: ‘If you want it get done, you do it yourself’.

It’s boring

photography techniques

Perfecting your technique is the most important thing you should focus on. However, don’t just snap any bland pictures. It will be boring. And you will get bored because it’s nothing of value to show anyone. And, you’ll quit. And you won’t be neither first, nor last.

Here’s how you can avoid that (don’t worry, you’ll get better). Want to take a picture, take two steps closer. Focus on a single detail (a button on a coat). Then, look for contrast or connection. So, in most simple terms for a black button you could search for a white background. Or, if it’s a black round button, can you connect it with another button? A zipper? Hopefully, you get the idea.

Too many shots

too many shots photography

In the digital age you don’t have to count your shots like in the old days when you used to get 36 max per film. Yeah, this ancient thing. But it was precious. Every shot you made. You cared. You focused.

Don’t mean to sound like a grandpa, but it’s true that when you are not afraid of running out, you don’t care that much. Think godmode on any game. The chaotic fun of MS Paint. And photography. Now, promise yourself that when you are doing a shot, 2 tries in the limit. Besides, don’t you already have a folder of 1000s of pictures you don’t look at either way?